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COBOL Solutions for Microsoft® Windows®

Yes, it runs on Windows Vista. 

Yes, it runs on Windows 7.

Yes, It runs on Windows 8.x

And of course it runs on

Windows 10.

Featured Products

GUI ScreenIO

Who says developing a Windows application has to be difficult?! 

Not us!

Port your legacy COBOL applications to Microsoft® Windows® with ease using GUI ScreenIO, our COBOL-friendly Graphical User Interface tool.  You'll be astonished at how simple it is to move your legacy COBOL application to Windows.

Developing a new application?  GUI ScreenIO includes a program generator that creates complete - compile and run - COBOL programs for your panels.  All you need to do is to add your business logic and tweak a few minor things.

GUI ScreenIO Client/Server Layer

Internet-enable your COBOL applications with the GUI ScreenIO Client/Server Layer!  We provide totally encrypted data communications between your applications running on your server and your users at remote sites.  

You need NO Changes to your GUI ScreenIO applications to use them over the net.  No expensive web servers.

This GUI ScreenIO Client/Server layer, allows your users to access your GUI ScreenIO applications across any TCP/IP network, including the Internet.  Most GUI ScreenIO applications can be Internet-enabled in minutes!  No need to install everywhere, just install once on your central server.  Securely run from everywhere.  We've even added a remote monitor capability so you can check your server from anywhere.

Free Client side software, inexpensive Server licenses.  Most GUI ScreenIO applications will run across any TCP/IP network  unchanged.  The speed is amazing and the setup is simple.

NO WEB SERVER is required, no extensive investment, setup in 5 minutes flat using any windows platform!


Specialists in COBOL...

We've been developing COBOL programming tools for nearly 30 years, and marketing them since 1985.  Our broad experience with COBOL application development gives us a uniquely COBOL perspective when developing our outstanding software. 

Educational Licenses

Are you teaching or taking a class in COBOL programming?  Contact us about heavily-discounted educational licenses for GUI ScreenIO.

Marketing Partnerships

We're seeking qualified companies capable of working with us to increase GUI ScreenIO's penetration into non-English language markets. GUI ScreenIO's multi-lingual capabilities are exceptionally well suited for multiple language applications. 

If your company is well established in a country whose primary language is other than English, experienced with COBOL, and has a successful track record marketing COBOL products, we'd like to hear from you. 











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