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GUI ScreenIO Beta Test/Pre-release Software

Installation downloads

The latest version of GUI ScreenIO is available from our ftp server.  This software has been reasonably well tested by us, but has not been formally released yet for a variety of reasons:

  • We want to do more testing;
  • We haven't completed all of the new facilities;
  • The changes aren't significant enough to warrant a formal release;
  • We haven't finished optimizing the software;
  • The documentation may not be complete;
  • It's the wrong phase of the moon (just kidding).

You should treat this as beta test software, and test it carefully before releasing the runtime dll(s) to your end-users; if you have questions, please contact us.

Note also that beta test versions of the panel editor may produce copybooks that cannot be edited by the current, production version of the panel editor, so be sure to back up your production files before you start saving panels you've changed with a test version of the panel editor!

Having said all of that, the latest version of the package is usually pretty solid before we'd let anyone play with it.  If you do, and you find any problems or have comments about the new version, please contact us.

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