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Download GUI ScreenIO

GUI ScreenIO downloads

See the Status link for information about the current version of GUI ScreenIO available for download.

The GUI ScreenIO download consists of two files; the documentation and the package itself.  The GUI ScreenIO package includes the Client/Server layer.

Download GUI ScreenIO documentation (2.3 megabytes)  Don't forget the documentation...!!

Download GUI ScreenIO (4.0 megabytes, includes Client/Server Layer)

Unregistered version

GUI ScreenIO will run in evaluation mode for 45 days if you do not have a registration key from us.  Applications that you create with the unregistered version may not be distributed.

Windows 95 Installation Problem?

The installer may terminate with a message saying it could not load GS32.DLL when you attempt to install GUI ScreenIO on a computer running an early version of Windows 95. 

This indicates that you need an update from Microsoft.  Go to this Microsoft web page and follow the instructions you find there.

Client/Server Downloads

These packages are included with the GUI ScreenIO installation, so you only need to download them if you want to install the GUI ScreenIO Client/Server products on other machines.

Download GUI ScreenIO Network Client (1.6 megabytes)

Download GUI ScreenIO Server Daemon and documentation (3.0 megabytes)  

Save the downloaded files on your local drive, then run them to install the software. 












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