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Standard Window Types

GUI ScreenIO supports the most common types of windows:

  • A main window, which typically is the starting point, or "home" of an application. The main window provides a menu and status bar, as well as a container for application panels (base panels) which reside in the container.
  • Base panels are a GUI ScreenIO term describing panels which occupy the main window.  Base panels have menu and status bars associated with them, and will contain controls (standard Windows elements that present or obtain data).
  • Popups are generally used for short dialogs with the user.  They appear "above" the main/base window.
  • Property sheets are a type of popup that contain two or more tabbed "pages" containing controls.
  • Wizards are a variant of property sheets that provide the pages in sequence, instead of as tabbed pages.  They're often used to present pages for a step-by-step operation.
  • Message boxes are implemented implicitly in GUI ScreenIO.  That is, you simply specify that you want to display text in a message box and GUI ScreenIO does it, automatically.










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