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GUI ScreenIO's Program Generator

GUI ScreenIO includes a program generator that generates programs (or portions of programs) that manage panel(s) you've designed. 

Hit the ground running!

GUI ScreenIO's program generator produces programs that compile and run, as generated! 

The generated programs are very clean, and use the coding style that we recommend.  You'll find that the program generator makes it easy to build your GUI ScreenIO application, because much of the framework is done for you.

You can generate a program that handles your panel, compile it, and run it without making any changes.  Of course, the application-specific code is commented out, but it's in the program.  It's easy to modify and test your application code in stages.

The generated program includes most of the code necessary for everything in your panel; the loop to display the panel, code to handle all of the events it can generate, and code to manage the controls on the panel.  In particular, this makes it much easier to get up-and-running with the more complex controls, like listviews.  It's a huge time-saver.

How it works

The program generator can create a program that will handle one, or many panels, depending on how many panels and which option you specify. 

To generate a program shell or shells:

  • Open all of the panels in the panel editor for which you wish to generate program shells
  • Select Tools/Program Generator
  • Choose which template you wish to use
  • Select whether you want to generate a monolithic program, a subroutine, or a COBOL SECTION to handle your panel(s)

The program generator will:

Open the specified template file

  • Read the statements in the template
  • If the statement is a COBOL statement,
        copy the COBOL statement from the template to the output file,
        substituting actual values for tokens it encounters in the template
  • If the statement is a script statement,
        evaluate the statement,
        If TRUE,
            merge the specified optional block of COBOL code into the output file

Have it your way!

The program generator creates COBOL code based upon a template that you can modify to suit your own coding preferences or site standards.  It's easy to change the template as your requirements change, or if you prefer to apply your own structure instead of the one we supply with GUI ScreenIO.

The program template is simple; easy to understand and modify. 

See the documentation for more details.











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