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Norcom Date Routines

The NORCOM Date Routines are a library of around 70 COBOL subroutines which perform many commonly required date-related operations.

The NORCOM Date Routines support both 6 and 8 digit dates, plus they will allow you to use 6 digit dates (lacking century) over the turn of the century, if you wish (using a windowing technique which is valid within 50 years of the current date). They correctly determine the century and then reliably handle common situations such as aging accounts, determining expiration dates, figuring ages, and so on.

What, me worry?

As most of you know, the year 2000 problem was there because most software systems (including many running on large mainframe computers) were designed as though there were no tomorrow - well, not really.  But they were designed as though there were no next century.

The fundamental problem concerns the ambiguity of the common 6 digit date format; it doesn't contain the century. The turn of the century itself will cause problems for many applications.

What Caused the Y2K Mess, Anyway?

What will your application do when it encounters a date that lies in the next century? How is your program affected by leap years? Which years are leap years?

Version 2.0 of the NORCOM Date Routines addresses these issues and more.

Includes ANSI standard COBOL source code suitable for all hardware platforms including mainframes.


  • Supports turn of the century using existing 6-digit dates in most cases
  • Provides a thoroughly tested library of date common functions
  • Converts between 6- and 8- digit date formats
  • No need to modify files to use 8-digit dates










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