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Norcom Date Routines License


You may use the Norcom Date Routines for application development on one (1) computer.  Additional licenses are required for each additional programmer, but they are not expensive.

You may install the product on a network server or a mainframe computer, but you must obtain a license for each workstation that uses the Norcom Date Routines for development purposes.  

Derivative Applications

You may distribute applications that you develop using this product ("Derivative Applications") without restriction, except as noted below.  

Source code, object libraries, or callable executables specifically intended to circumvent the one-license-per-developer limitation for the Norcom Date Routines may NOT be distributed with your Derivative Applications.

No Royalties

You do not need to pay royalties to Norcom or any other party for the use of this product when distributing Derivative Applications.


Today's software is exceedingly complex and we have expended a considerable amount of effort to ensure that the product operates substantially as documented. 

Norcom does not, however, warrant that the Norcom Date Routines are perfect.  

If a bug is reported, Norcom will evaluate the report and if a bug is identified, Norcom will correct it in a timely manner.

Testing Applications

You assume the risk of testing your applications developed with this product and ensuring they work correctly. 

Mission-critical Applications

If you use this product to develop a mission-critical application, you should test it thoroughly to ensure that it works as expected.


Norcom will not be liable for consequential damages or losses attributed to errors in this product.  











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