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Norcom was formed in 1982.  We developed a great reputation developing large COBOL batch and online applications on IBM mainframes under DOS, MVS, and CICS. 

We purchased our first PC (an IBM PC-AT) in 1984 and discovered that there were COBOL compilers available for the PC, but there weren't any good screen managers.

Since we needed a screen manager for some projects we had in mind, we developed ScreenIO, a character-mode DOS screen manager for COBOL.  When a compiler vendor encouraged us to market it, ScreenIO proved to be an instant, resounding success, and we suddenly found ourselves in the proprietary software business. 

We've developed a number of other COBOL-oriented proprietary software packages as well, but user interfaces seem to be our specialty, and in 1997 we commenced design and development of GUI ScreenIO, a state-of-the-art and very nice GUI screen manager for COBOL Windows applications.

We've sold well over 5,000 copies of various software products - mostly ScreenIO and GUI ScreenIO - into over 85 countries.

Norcom reorganized as Norcom-Software LLC in 2013, a Washington State Company.

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