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Software Products

GUI ScreenIO

Our top selling software product these days, GUI ScreenIO makes it a snap to develop true Windows applications in COBOL.

Who says developing a Windows application has to be difficult?  Everyone who's tried GUI ScreenIO is, well, astounded how easy it can be.  GUI ScreenIO hides all of Windows' complexity from you so that you can concentrate on your application.  It's actually easier to use than our old Legacy ScreenIO character-mode product...

GUI ScreenIO Client/Server Layer

Internet-enable your GUI ScreenIO applications with the GUI ScreenIO Client/Server Layer!

This client/server product is bundled with GUI ScreenIO, and allows users to access your GUI ScreenIO applications across a TCP/IP network, such as the Internet.  Most GUI ScreenIO applications can be Internet-enabled in minutes!


COBClean is a COBOL source code reformatter.  It cleans up those messy old programs and makes them far more readable.

COBClean won't restructure spaghetti code; it doesn't alter program logic.  It just makes COBOL a lot easier to read.  Maintenance shops love it.

Norcom Date Routines

"The best money we ever spent was on Norcom's date routines."

The Norcom Date Routines are a library of about 70 COBOL subroutines (source code included) that perform a variety of date conversions and calculations.

Released in 1993, sold a bunch of 'em, and not a single bug report.

RW2 Report Writer Feature

RW2 adds the ANSI standard COBOL Report Writer feature to your COBOL compiler. 

Report Writer is a COBOL standard specification that lets you define your report layout in the DATA DIVISION and generate it with a few simple PROCEDURE DIVISION statements. It greatly simplifies print formatting and maintenance.

Legacy ScreenIO

First released in 1985(!), ScreenIO has been used by thousands of COBOL programmers worldwide.  It was one of the most popular character-mode COBOL screen handlers for many years.  The current version runs as a true Windows application, but it's still appears as if it was character-mode.  

If you're still running a legacy ScreenIO application and you want to look like a real genius by porting it to GUI ScreenIO in a couple of days, you can do it.  GUI ScreenIO includes a porting utility that makes it unbelievably easy.  Check it out.  











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