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Purchase Software Products

We do not presently have online sales capability. 

Contact us via email or telephone to purchase licenses for our software products.  We accept major credit cards.

((234) 567-9001  (Voice)


All prices are in US dollars. Click Here for Payment options. 

Combine products and save 25%

Combine any two or more of the following products in a single order, and we'll give you 25% off the total price.  How's that for a great deal?

  • GUI ScreenIO
  • GUI ScreenIO Server
  • CobClean
  • Date Routines (but not License Packs)

Additional discounts

We have tried to set our prices at a reasonable level.  We recognize, however, that some situations may justify different pricing structures. 

Generally speaking, discounts are based on volume.  The greater the volume, the deeper the discount.  If, however, you feel that your situation justifies special pricing, write to us and we will consider your proposal.  If your arguments are sufficiently compelling, we may grant additional discounts.

Single workstation/developer licenses

Products are licensed for use by a single developer/workstation.  If you have more than one programming seat, you need more than one license.  Applications that you create with these products may be distributed or used on as many stations as you wish.

GUI ScreenIO (includes 1 year maintenance*)     $595
GUI ScreenIO annual maintenance* $150
COBClean $350
Date Routines $350
Date Routines License Pack (for additional seats) $45
RW2 Report Writer Feature $495
Legacy ScreenIO $495


*Annual Maintenance includes all new versions with upgrades, new features, and bug fixes released of the next calendar year. These upgrades may be downloaded from our website and installed by users with a valid current license key.  At the anniversary of Purchase, Maintenance bills will be automatically sent out for the following year.  When this bill is paid, a new license key will be sent by Email.  Those not under maintenance will not be able to upgrade to new versions without paying the full purchase price again.  Maintenance funds continued development.

Client/Server Licenses

Servers and clients are licensed for use on a single computer.  Servers are licensed according to the number of concurrent connections they will support.  Servers require annual licenses renewal fees of about $14 per connection.  These fees support the continued development and enhancement of the server.  Licensed Clients require no renewal.

Server licenses can be added together, (but as of this writing, only one license of each size may be used).  If you have a 50 user license and find you occasionally need more licenses, you can add any other size except 50.

However, you should note that  server license fees are on a sliding scale and become cheaper per seat as the size increases. Therefore  it is more economical to buy the largest server you will need than it is to buy a small server and upgrade in small increments.


Server Size Price
GUI ScreenIO Server (5 concurrent users) $275
GUI ScreenIO Server (10 concurrent users) $500
GUI ScreenIO Server (25 concurrent users) $1000
GUI ScreenIO Server (50 concurrent users) $1,700
GUI ScreenIO Server (75 concurrent users) $2,250
GUI ScreenIO Server (100 concurrent users)  $2,700
GUI ScreenIO Server (150 concurrent users) $3,600
GUI ScreenIO Server (200 concurrent users) $4,500
GUI ScreenIO Client   FREE

Note: For larger servers, or "Server Farm" pricing, please email or call.

Competitive upgrades

We offer discounts for users upgrading from competitive products on a license for license basis.

Upgrade to GUI ScreenIO from Flexus sp2 $350
Upgrade to GUI ScreenIO from Legacy ScreenIO $300

Source Code/Site Licensing

Source code/site licenses allow you to use the product for an unlimited number of developers at a single physical address (site).

COBClean $7000
Date Routines  $7000


You can view the product licenses here:

GUI ScreenIO

GUI ScreenIO Client Server


Date Routines

Legacy ScreenIO

RW2 Report Writer











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