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RW2 COBOL Report Writer Feature

Product Description

RW2 adds a superset of the ANSI Report Writer feature to PC COBOL. Lots of programmers don't even know that the COBOL standard specifies a powerful print formatting facility that goes far beyond WRITE AFTER ADVANCING and its relatives. 

The Report Writer Feature used to be included in IBM mainframe COBOL, but was dropped when IBM released COBOL II.  Today, it's probably safe to say that most Report Writer support (on a variety of platforms from PCs to IBM mainframes) are implemented via RW2.

RW2 is fully compatible with mainframe Report Writer programs and COBOL 85 standards.

RW2 makes it easy to format reports. You define the format of your report in the REPORT SECTION of the DATA DIVISION, including the page size, headings and footings, and other general specifications. The location of text and data is specified using absolute (COLUMN 15) or relative (COLUMN + 2) positions. Other features allow calculations, conditional logic (PRESENT/ABSENT WHEN condition), external printer font control (exceptionally useful for PC printers), and repeated groups (useful for 3-up label-type applications).

RW2 is a programmer's tool for developing fast, reliable code.  It is not an end-user report generator like, say, Crystal Reports.

RW2 was developed by SPC Systems, of London, England.  SPC Systems has been heavily involved in COBOL standards for many years, particularly with respect to the Report Writer feature of COBOL.  SPC Systems provides RW2 for a variety of mainframe COBOL compilers as well as PC compilers. 

Learn more about Report Writer.

RW2 presently works with the following compilers.

32-bit compilers:

CA-Realia II Workbench version 3
Micro Focus COBOL

Download an interactive demonstration (.ZIP) file:  

This little DOS demo will tell you lots about Report Writer and what it can do for you.   It's worth a look!

RW2 is Year 2000 compliant.

Download SPC RW2 Installer   (updated 5/30/06)

This will install the RW2 product and the manual on your computer.

(Note: License Key  required to install other than the manual).


RW2 is licensed for use on a single computer.  See This Page.











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