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Legacy ScreenIO 2.4

Important:  ScreenIO 2.4 is no longer supported.

ScreenIO 2.4 support was terminated December 31, 2001 because of a lack of interest in character-mode interfaces.  We no longer provide,  enhancements, or bug fixes.   We will answer technical support questions for this product.

You should consider moving up to GUI ScreenIO.  

GUI ScreenIO includes an excellent Conversion Tool to help you move your Legacy ScreenIO applications to Windows.  

Product description

ScreenIO 2.4 is a character-mode screen handler for COBOL that was originally implemented under MS-DOS.  It runs as a Windows application but emulates the character mode version.

ScreenIO 2.4 uses the same programming interface and panel library structure as the MS-DOS version, which simplifies your transition from the legacy MS-DOS environment to the Microsoft Windows environment. 

ScreenIO has been tested with the following COBOL compilers:

16-bit compilers:

  • CA-Realia II COBOL Plus
  • CA-Realia II Workbench version 2.0

32-bit compilers:

  • CA-Realia II Workbench version 3.0
  • Fujitsu COBOL
  • IBM Visual Age COBOL
  • Micro Focus Object COBOL 4.0
  • Micro Focus Net Express

Download ScreenIO 2.4 And the  Manual and Technical Notes (pdf format)

(A license key is needed for installation)

ScreenIO 2.4 is Year 2000 compliant.

ScreenIO 2.4 was developed in COBOL using the CA-Realia II Workbench version 3.x.











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