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Product Support

Norcom provides superior technical support for all of its software products.

We prefer that you contact us via email, which is monitored from about noon Eastern time until about 5AM Eastern time (we have offices in two widely separated locations).  

We generally respond to email within a couple of hours, although it's not unusual to get a response a few minutes after you send a message.


We can be reached by phone see our Contact Page.  

Product-specific Support Details

GUI ScreenIO

GUI ScreenIO and related items includes support and upgrades for one year.  When that time has passed, we will bill you annually for maintenance at the current rate.  If you do not purchase maintenance after the first year, the product will continue to work but you will be unable to install updated software.

Legacy ScreenIO

Legacy ScreenIO is no longer being updated. We continue to offer Phone or Email technical support on a best efforts basis.  We offer licenses because there is still some demand for the product, but the demand is insufficient to justify any more development effort.  We strongly recommend that you move to the current product, GUI ScreenIO.











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